Bright and Bold

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Ramblings

I thought I would tell you all what has been going on with me.  First, I am still wrestling with the vertigo but doing so much better.  Just in time for an asthmatic chest cold!  My physical therapist says it is part of the virus that is causing the vertigo.  (I'm doing PT for the vertigo)

Anyway, in the midst of all this I am the vocal coach for a children's theatre company, we are doing the musical "Alice in Wonderland.". I'm trying to teach the kids the music with a voice that sounds like a frog and lungs that are sucking air.  :-). Ya gotta laugh or you'll cry.  Somehow it is working cause the kids are doing great!

 If that's not enough my mom ended up in the hospital and my sister just had surgery Monday for a total knee replacement.  So this is the long explanation for why I haven't crafted.

Can you tell I'm heading for the cliff?  Not really, the Lord has been so good to me through out it all. I'm sleeping like a baby and am blessed with a very supportive husband.  And...have I mentioned that I am going to be a grandma? My daughter Ashley is pregnant with my first grandchild.  I am sssssooooo excited!!

So I'm not really complaining just rambling.  I'm hoping by the end of the week I can get into my craft room.  I have so many things I want to make and share with you!  In the meantime...

God bless and have a grateful day,

Anita aka Nit

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mom's Birthday Card

Tomorrow is my mother's 89th birthday and in celebration of I made this card:

My mother has a great sense of humor and will LOVE this card.  She can really enjoy a good laugh, even at herself.  It is one of her better qualities that I have inherited.

Anyway, the old lady and sentiment stamps are from Art Impressions.  I've had these stamps FOREVER and I'm not sure I've ever used them before.  For the sentiment I taped off a portion of the stamp to only ink a portion for the front of the card.  I then taped off the opposite side to stamp on the inside.  This was a great tip I learned from Pam at Simply Pam's Creations.

So what are your moms like?  Would they love this card?

God bless and have a grateful day,

Anita aka Nit

Friday, September 7, 2012

Vertigo Is No Fun!!

Hi Everyone,

Since my last post I have been battling vertigo.  What a horror!!  It seems I have a crystal in my ear that has dislodged from its proper position and is flouting around willy nilly in my ear.  every once in awhile it goes where it is not supposed to and bam! The world starts spinning.  I mean spinning is really an under statement.  You can't find up or down.  Well, I finally saw the doctor today and I'll be starting PT next week to "readjust" the crystal.  Can't be soon enough.

Has anyone else had or heard of this?

Well, I'M at least grateful that there is medicine to help with the symptoms and PT to fix the problem.  Gratitude is one of the greatest healing gifts God gave us.  A grateful heart can get through anything. Believe me I know.

Until next time--God bless and have a grateful day.